Yamanaka Lab


Our laboratory is interested in how a single cell, the fertilized egg, develops into a multicellular organism.  We use mouse embryos and embryonic stem cells to study morphogenesis, cell allocation and cell lineage specification in development. 

Morphogenesis and Lineage Specification in Early Mouse Embryos and Embryonic Stem Cells


Yojiro Yamanaka Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Goodman Cancer Research Centre

Dept. of Human Genetics

McGill University

Tel: -1-514-398-8776

email: yojiro.yamanaka”at”mcgill.ca

1160 Pine Avenue West, rm419

Montreal, Quebec H3A1A3


Montreal Area Developmental Biologists (MAD)

Dept. of 
Human Genetics

last updated Feb. 2015

Internalization of outer apolar cells in the 16-cell mouse embryo

(Anani et al. 2014, Development)